BEE BIO is a little farm managed with organic disciplinary and rules.

We care from 60 to 100 colonies during the season breathe, develop, growing and natural decrease.

Our working stations are located in isolated valleys, without industries and without ordinary crop cultivations. Apiaries are sedentary, this means that we do not moves the hives because the Nature all around, generously offers them food during all the year. Only a few families travel to specific location to collect a mono flora honey.

Alexandra Moretti is manager, beekeeper and commercial reference.
Class 86, university degree in journalism, mum.

Gifts from the bee hive

Depending from the flower blooming of every different year and season, you can find this list of products with our logo:

  • Honey maple, honeydew, cherry, acacia, tilia, ailanto, chestnut, thousand flowers.
  • Pollen salix, hezelnut, chestnut, ivy, thousand flowers.

We breed Carnica Bee Queens.

Dancing in the twilight

Forager bees fly away from the hive searching for nectar to feed themselves and the larve. When they find it out, they come back home and, in the twilight of their hive, have a particular “dance” on the wax frame able to communicate to the others where the source of food is located and how much abundant it is.
As a result, so to speak, "surfing the wave of excitement ", many others bees fly to the same destination and collect nectar (and maybe also pollen) of the same type.

Inside the Bee Hive there is always a constant temperature of 35 celsius degrees (despite any meteorological condition outside) and there is always a soft and relaxing hum: the eternal Chant of the Sacred Bees.
In these conditions, working bees exchange each other little drops of nectar, dry it adding specific enzymes. This process transforms the nectar of flowers into what we call honey. When there is more food than the family necessities, it is stored in the shallow box, the upper part of the bee hive. Bees usually start to fill central frames first and then move to the lateral ones. It can happen that testing a drop from every single frame we can find it out different tastes and so select different lots and types of honey.

Every nectar has its own topical olfactory and gustatory markers. Some honey are ‘famous’ others need the chemical analysis of a technical laboratory to determinate the main botanic origin. BEE BIO has a great care about select his products and name them in a legal properly way.

All BEE BIO products are certified organic by CSQA.

Priestess of Bees

After years and years of tears, pain, so much obstinacy, and so, so much Hope; After years of research, courses, readings, psychology, family constellations, zen meditation, transurfing and hypnoses; After a new body developed inside my own, after my own body reveled his immense power to creare nourishment from itself; after a new perfect little Human Being come into life because of me; One morning I woke up and everything has changed. It seems to be he same, apparently. But the frequency where I was, was totally changed, and so my perception of the outside. The switch had moved, and never came back.

And so Life return to his Magic note, full of a sense of precious uniqueness as it was during childhood. It’s like to live in a fantasy movie: you are the protagonist of every episode, you are the key that change the story.
You are connected to Father Earth and Mother Sky, as ancient Egypt culture said. You can dance all night long with Cernunnos or Cerere, you can feel inside of you the movement of Moon and Sun, their influence. You need no more anyone. You are complete, perfect, fulfilled. Your Triad id aligned, finally.

All is in the One and the One is in All.

Your hands keep the Casket of Ra: the Power of the entire Galaxy lays there, because your Heart is pure and your intentions clean. Millions of frequencies exist everywhere in every instant. Every move you make has real and concrete consequences in all of them.

They say: Bees are the symbol of Unconditional Love. May this archetypal force, immense and that never ends, guide our moves and give back to our Bees a little of the Great Love Service they offer from millennia to all the living beings on the planet (animal, lints and human of course). May every gesture be Sacred. May the Life be intense. May all of us become who we born to be.